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Shop2Support offers organisations and groups a truly unique branded fundraising opportunity that crosses local borders.

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24 hours fundraising

Around the Clock, Around the Globe

Our system works 24/7 to let global online shoppers contribute to your cause with each purchase they make in a supporting shop.

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Fundraising support

With All Your Fundraising Efforts

Our unique Sponsorship Funding Initiative directly benefits and supports all our member beneficiaries.

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Online Shopping. Many go mobile.

Shopping is considered a favourite pastime by many people, and with the growth in online shopping this is becoming more accessible and financially in reach of more people than it ever has in our lifetime. Supporting fundraising ventures is traditionally left to those that can financially afford it especially in the high-end groups that rely on it for their existence. And did you know that 47% of online purchasing is done via a mobile phone? Shop2Support (S2S) brings both of these together and all at your “finger tips”.

Mobile shopping

Branded fundraising opportunities. With access to 20,000+ global retailers.

Shop2Support provides a “personalised/branded” opportunity for various organisations and groups (Beneficiaries) to be able to fundraise while users go shopping online. With access to around 20,000 Global retailers across every category imaginable, we are confident they will find what they are looking for, and as a result they are generating important funds to assist in YOUR fundraising.

Online Shopping

The revenue model? Equal commission split.

With every purchase made using your personalised “Beneficiary Specific” App, Shop2Support shares the commission on a 50/50 basis. Each Beneficiary is tracked globally by a dedicated link that will identify each Beneficiary separately.
Can you share the APP? Most certainly and highly encouraged by S2S to increase your opportunity to raise funds! Did you know that with 1 person sharing with 2 people today, and each person doing the same, you can reach in excess of 1,000,000 people in 20 days?

Revenue model

All Shop2Support’s unique features in a row

  • Pre-coded links/share of revenue
  • Automated management
  • Global tracking – this means that irrespective where the spend is made, it is tracked back to the Beneficiary that shared the link
  • Our Apps are Progressive Web Apps meaning they are not required to be on the App store making them easy to download and share. The Apps are also branded with the Beneficiaries logo
  • Marketing Manual included
  • We aim to have your app live and raising funds within 48 hours of approval of the application form.
  • Following approval*) by the online retailers funds will be transferred monthly to your nominated bank account

*) This can take up to 60 days for approval by some retailers

How do I become a Beneficiary?

Simply click on the link and complete the online Application Form OR email us.

We welcome your feedback, if we don’t have your favorite online retailer, then please let us know and we will do our best to have it included. Email: [email protected]

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